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Cross Country Schooling

What our riders are saying

I absolutely loved coming out to cross country school on the new course at Stony River. The course is well set up with good footing and an appropriate amount of terrain (enough hills to practice but nothing that is going to make your horse come up sore the next day). My favorite part were the adjustable fences including the skinny brushes - we are preparing for a move up to training level and they were great to practice on. We will definitely be back and thrilled to have another xc schooling option close by!

-Carly Nealy

At this time the Cross Country course is currently closed.

The cost is $50 per horse.

Pay via Check to "Stony River Farm"

A signed 2024 release is required before mounting. SIGN A DIGITAL WAIVER

Please contact Cathryn to reserve your schooling.

(931) 249-0928 texting preferred.

Stony River Farm

Stony River Farm is the home base of C. A. Eventing. Located in Ashland City, TN, it is the convenient distance from both Nashville and Clarksville, while maintaining the peaceful quiet of a private farm. Stony River Farm encompasses 170 acres of gorgeous rolling Tennessee Hills, both wooded and open fields. The property has several ponds that are spring fed and stay full year round as well as beautiful creeks. Stony River Farm is a private Three-Day Eventing barn that offers horse boarding as well as hosts several equestrian events every month. Originally built out of necessity, our simple yet functional 8 stall barn quickly grew to 11 stalls. The Green Family purchased the original 78 acres for their daughter, Cathryn, to develop her skills in Eventing. As there was no Eventing facility North of Nashville Tennessee in the early 2000s, there was no perfect place to train in each of the three phases of Three-Day Eventing. Slowly the farm has grown as has the community of eventing in the Northern part of Middle Tennessee.

Our Facility Features:

  • Our indoor allows us to train and ride all year, rain or shine. In the fall of 2020 we remodeled the entire arena and base, thanks to the East-Coast renowned Diamond W Construction, with all new FutureTrack Footing. This fiber and premium white manufactured sand combination is a fantastic training surface that absorbs impact and cushions our equine athletes. This is the same footing that was recently installed at Poplar Place Farm! With its enormous 20ft ceilings, it is large enough for jumping in as well as riding through any Eventing Dressage test. This arena is equipped with a sprinkler system and large doors at either end to allow a lovely breeze and to allow for dragging and regular footing maintenance.
  • The outdoor arena is where we keep our full Jump4Joy show jumping course. Half of the arena is also perfect for a large dressage arena. With the four board, four foot tall fence this is a safe space to ride for both young horses and green riders. This arena features a fantastic base that drains incredibly well allowing for use year round. Rain or shine, the footing is fine!
  • When you need a quiet shaded place to practice some dressage, hack down the hill to the outdoor grass dressage ring. The arena features Bermuda grass and provides a thick ground cover with ample traction. The space has been professionally leveled and outfitted with a sprinkler system.
  • The main wash stall in the barn is equipped with hot and cold water for use year round. There are wash areas in the barn yard. We have two wash stall/cross tie areas on the path to the cross country field. Additionally, there are two cross tie spaces in the main barn aisle, one service bay for vets and farriers, and each stall is equipped with a safe tie snap for tacking up in stalls.
  • We now have a full cross country course! In 2021 we finished moving our jumps to our new, 22 acre field, and completed construction on a water jump! Our course features jumps of varying levels, 12" through training (1m). All of our cross country fences meet USEA and USEF regulations. We have banks, ditches, chevrons, corners and an adjustable trakehner.
  • There is over an hour of hacking without doubling back anywhere. The trails are maintained regularly and include creek crossings and wooded trails.
  • The gallop lane in the cross country field is perfect for all fitness needs with over 700 meters of straight uphill space
  • Stony River Farm has several very large pastures available. The pastures are mowed and rested regularly to keep grass lush and healthy. Each pasture is several acres and we follow the protocol of 1 acre per horse to prevent over grazing. Horses are thoughtfully introduced to each other slowly to insure they will make good and safe turnout friends.
  • Any farm wouldn't be complete without a location for easy keepers. Tennessee's lush grass is too much for some horses and we have large paddocks perfect for this. Each paddock has shade and is mowed or drug to keep weeds out and manure managed.

Boarding at Stony River Farm

All boarding options include access to all riding facilities at the farm. Feeding occurs 8-8:30 AM and 4-4:30 PM. We turnout rain or shine, as every turnout includes a shelter. 

April-October we typically operate on an AM stall/PM turnout schedule November-March AM turnout/PM stall. 

We now offer three different full care boarding packages to choose from to best fit the individual owner's needs. You can find the details about each program below, as well as our self-care pasture board option. We also have a detailed list of a la carte service items to accommodate every horse's needs. We pride ourself in taking top care of all of our equine partners. 

Please reach out to us with any additional questions you may have!

Full Care Stall Board


Bronze package $1050/mo

Tack locker in tackroom with HVAC


Stall cleaning

Turnout and in


Grain, up to 3 qts AM and 3 qts PM

Hay, up to 3 flakes AM and 3 flakes PM*

Feeding of supplements**

Two lessons or training rides with Cathryn Alexa Brekken 


Silver Package $1400/mo

Includes all of the above Bronze options as well as…

Bell boots (limited to 2 feet)***

Fly Mask***

Winter turnout blankets (sheet, medium, heavy)

Stable blankets for clipped horses

Sunscreen on pink noses

Holding for the farrier

Option to add either 1 alfalfa or 1 extra grass flake in stall


Gold Package $1750/mo

Includes all of the above Bronze and Silver as well as…

Bell boots for all 4 feet

Fly sheet

Fly boots

Turnout boots

Triple Crown Balancer included

Holding for farrier and vet

Lunch grain, up to 2qts

Lunch hay, up to 2 flakes

See the Services tab to find pricing on lessons, coaching, and PEMF

Self Care Pasture Board


Self Care Pasture Board $350/mo

Includes access to all riding facilities and a tack locker when available.


Pasture board Grain $150-250/mo

Triple Crown Senior Gold or Triple Crown Growth fed at 1-3 qts per feeding


Pature board Blanketing $150/mo

Winter turnout blankets: sheet, medium, and heavy weights.

*As flake size can vary, we consider 3 flakes to be approximately 15 lbs of hay. SRF staff will do their best to meet this size whether that is 2 huge flakes, 3 normal flakes, or 4 smaller flakes etc. If hay is consistently left uneaten and wasted, we will communicate with owner and plan to reduce hay fed to prevent waste.

**Any horse receiving more than two supplements MUST package these together in Smartpaks, baggies, or other such containers. Medications that cannot be prepackaged will be administered as prescribed.

***Items lost in turnout are the responsibility of the horse owner to retrieve. New articles will not be applied to the horse, until lost items are found.

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