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Information about our services:

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There are several teaching options available for riders and their horses. Lessons can be private or group sessions. Private lessons are about 45 minutes while a group lesson could be 60-90 minutes. For first time lessons we recommend private sessions. Generally speaking, lesson subjects focus on dressage, show jumping, and cross country riding, but also can include ground work, gymnastics/footwork, and horsemanship. C. A. Eventing does not have school horses or lesson horses. Lessons should be conducted on the riders' personal horse(s). 


Training and Sales

We have a couple different training programs to fit different horses and meet different needs. Choose individual rides, full month by month training, and anything in between. Whether you want to get your horse in shape for competition season or sold to a perfect new home, Cathryn can help! Horses in training need to be sound and healthy with a negative coggins and current vaccinations. Pricing information is detailed below.


Cathryn is competing horses and coaching students at many events throughout the year. Competing is not only where you get to see your hard work pay off but also provides an irreplaceable learning environment for horses and riders. Contact us if you're interested in joining our barn at competitions!

What our customers are saying

Jumping at C.A. Eventing has truly been one of the greatest joys in my life!! I look forward to each opportunity and believe my horse loves it there as much as I do!

- Annette

Boarding at Stony River Farm

Stony River Farm is where C. A. Eventing calls home. This private facility is the event riders dream. You can find more information about boarding by clicking the link below.


Cross Country Schooling

Thanks to our fantastic facilities we can offer open cross country schooling for both boarders and trailer-in riders. Simply call or text Cathryn to reserve a time to school. $50 per horse. Find more schooling details on the Stony River Farm tab above! Signed release, helmet, and cross country vest required. 

(931) 249-0928


Cathryn Alexa Brekken is a certified PEMF practitioner. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. Basically PEMF stimulates damaged cells in a way that makes the cell walls more permeable; letting waste out and nutrients in. This technology is incredible and FDA approved for a vast array of treatments to include bone regrowth and the treatment of anxiety and depression. C. A. Eventing now welcomes Bemer Group USA as a new PEMF modality making the technology more available to horses and riders alike!

Call, Text, or Email Cathryn Brekken for more information on any service!



Lesson $75

One schooling ride on your horse from Cathryn Brekken. 

45-60 minute riding lesson


Training ride $75


Cross Country lesson at Stony River Farm $85

Lesson on the course with Cathryn Alexa (no additional schooling fees)


A La Carte Show coaching $75

$75 per day includes all warmups and course walks


Bemer Equine PEMF​ $60

Full Equine treatments can last about 20 minutes and are customized based on the needs of each horse.


Bemer Equine Set $75

Make the most out of any PEMF Equine treatment by adding the leg cuffs to the front or hind legs. (Blanket + leg cuffs)


Equine Kinesiology Tape $5-30

Kinesiology tape is a great option we have available! It can give horses support before, during, or after work, treatments, and traveling as well as preventing and recovering from an injury.



Have you ever wanted to be a part of a great horse without the responsibility of caring for a horse every single day? There are several ownership opportunities available with C. A. Eventing including syndicates, or owning shares in horses. This creates a fantastic support team for these world class athletes and access into the incredible international sport of Three-Day Eventing. Contact Cathryn for more information. 

(931) 249-0928 


Program A $480

Competition training includes 8 lessons or training rides per month at a discounted rate.


Program B $900

12 lessons or rides per month; great for green horses and green riders, or horses in need of specific training or rehabilitation. This program includes regular grooming care such as trimming, bathing, and cosmetic maintenance. This program also includes monthly chiropractic adjustments with the exceptional Dr. Rachel Lampley of Balanced Companions Veterinary Acupuncture and Chiropractic.


Program C $1400

Full training consists of 5-6 rides or lessons per week (20-24 per month). This program is the best fit for keeping horses competition ready as well as young/inexperienced horses age 4+ looking to reach some specific educational goals! 


Consignment training is for owners who desire to sell their horse through C. A. Eventing with Cathryn Brekken's experience and proven reputation. The horse will continue and improve in their training with C. A. Eventing during the marketing process. As someone with over 20 years of experience, Cathryn has the network and the know-how to sell your horse to the best person at the best value for everyone. This is billed on a per month basis and includes all advertising and showings to prospective buyers. At the sale of the horse, the owner will be charged a 10% commission for services rendered.

*If you purchased your horse through C. A. Eventing, we will not charge a sales commission to sell the horse should the horse become not the right fit for you. At C. A. Eventing, we do not believe that we should profit from your horse purchase not working out.

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What our riders are saying

I absolutely loved coming out to cross country school on the new course at Stony River. The course is well set up with good footing and an appropriate amount of terrain (enough hills to practice but nothing that is going to make your horse come up sore the next day). My favorite part were the adjustable fences including the skinny brushes--we are preparing for a move up to training level and they were great to practice on. We will definitely be back and thrilled to have another xc schooling option close by!

-Carly Nealy


Care Services

Thanks to the horse management teachings of the United States Pony Club and Cathryn's thorough studies, there are many horse care services Cathryn and her team can provide for you and your horse not found at most barns. Whether your horse is rehabbing from an injury or requires special care or handling, Cathryn can help you by providing the care or teaching you how to correctly and safely care for your equine athlete.
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